Eden's fools

damn those two forbidden apple tasters!

unknowing creators

of the original misguided starting blocks

from which human kind set off

most intending to out race the other

as they did from day one

and are still trying to do so

yes the races of one kind or another continue

but how different are their versions of victory

and will the real worthy winners

ever get to cross the finishing line?

◄ meeting the unknowns

above everything else in the Universe ►


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Bethany Sallis

Sun 29th May 2022 10:38

Thank you John C.
Thank you John B.
Thank you Stephen
Thank you Carol
Thank you Rudyard
Thank you KJ
Thank you Frederick


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Stephen Gospage

Sun 29th May 2022 09:13

An interesting, thoughtful oiece, Bethany.

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John Botterill

Fri 27th May 2022 23:08

Very funny.😂 Very clever 😎 Very true, Bethany 👍

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John Coopey

Fri 27th May 2022 20:55

Yes, we’ve been sinning unoriginally at every opportunity ever since.

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