waterside walk


after lap

after lap


is the way the wind moved

loch waters go

varying in size and strength


each one 

folding over and

drowning the one in front


that floating debris mass

of twigs and leaves is all that remains

of a once put together home

by the two nest building swans


theres nothing the little observant girl

can or wants to do

about it


she is too concerned

with following her pram pushing mother

who in turn is too concerned with reading a letter



everything has a winter-like atmosphere about it

lamentably grey and overcast


though of no importance

to the little girl

carrying four years of nonchalance


bereft of concern about the destroyed swans home

the weather or

the lamenting tears coldly welling up

in her mothers eyes




◄ automotive death in slow motion

meeting the unknowns ►


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Bethany Sallis

Mon 23rd May 2022 21:57

thanks ladies and gentlemen for the kindly comments and likes they all help to make our subscribing's to write out loud that much more worthwhile and enjoyable 👍 X 6!

<Deleted User> (33618)

Mon 23rd May 2022 05:21

So much going on within this waterside walk! Worthy of reading a few times over!

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John Botterill

Sun 22nd May 2022 21:17

Powerful and evocative, Bethany. I like the way that you manage the different perspectives of the protagonists within the story and leave us guessing at the end. High class!

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