the smallest life

The smallest life


In front of me on the narrow track leading into the bushes,

I picked up a tiny field mouse held in the palm of my hand

where it fell asleep.

The tiny life was white and brown had eyes, heart and lungs like me.

What what’s next? I could not stay here all day with outstretched arm

waiting for the mouse to awake

I put it in my pocket when hearing the sheep coming down the track.

When dusty wool had walked past, I put the hand in my pocket

the mouse was not there; one thing to hold a mouse in my hand,

another thing is to have to crawl around my body.

I took my trousers off; I took my shirt off, I stood there naked

as Adam in Paradise, no mouse.

I slowly dressed as butterflies flitted about the woods were enchanting

and I enjoyed my nudity it gave me a sense of freedom.


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Sat 15th Jan 2022 23:18

Full of good humour and highly original -lovely work Jan !


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