big rats in Cobenhagen

Big rats in Copenhagen


The biggest supermarket in the world tons of wasted food

rats grew so big they couldn’t live in sewers but nestled

in the tall grass or built tunnels.

Something had to be done, rats didn’t hesitate to attack

toddlers in a pram; cats stayed at home sleeping

on the sofa, knowing they were no match against this enemy.

In this world of spoilt consumers, a banana had to be bright yellow

not a speck of marks on the fruit, lettuces had to look harvested

an hour ago, and the onion had to look new.

What to do with this new plague?

A bright person suggested giving excess food to the poor

and to the old on low pension.

After some economic indecision, the poor also to buy food

the supermarket relented and gave the wasted food away.

It was successful rats shrunk in size went back to the sewers cats came out.

People didn’t realize poverty were the poor as usual

was not seen.

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 14th Jan 2022 21:21

This is great parable for our wasteful attitudes, Jan. Thank you.

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