how far is far'

How far is far?


To travel on horse and cart from Algarve

To Lisbon took days, but there were Inns

For a traveller to rest and stable the horses.

Not that many trekked from Algarve

seen as a throwback

From the days of the Muslims and poverty.

It was the British ex. Colonials, in the dwindling

Empire, who settled here; the Algarve is now

famous as a tourist destination.

I drove around, before motorways, with my dog

Portugal is a beautiful country.

On the motorway, there is nothing to see

Except for the rush of destination,

And Portugal is smaller than it used to be.


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Stephen Gospage

Sat 8th Jan 2022 18:00

A lovely poem, Jan. It made me think of the over-used phrase: 'The world is getting smaller'. As you say, it isn't, it's just that we miss more of it.

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