I murder to eat, not for my pride

Your patriotic propaganda has been very effective

Turning humans into monsters

I don't mind being a beast or an animal

They kill to survive

I hope the alien extraterrestrials in space

Are not planning to put a flag on Earth

Because we deserve it for our sin, evil, bad, and everything we've done wrong

Are you proud of yourselves?

Because I'm not

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Kevin Tan

Mon 10th Jan 2022 09:16

@ M.C. Newberry, Stephen Gospage

I think the key word is forgiveness

World forgiveness, humanity forgiveness, Earth forgiveness, global forgiveness, self forgiveness etc.

Forgiveness Consciousness

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Kevin Tan

Sun 9th Jan 2022 11:32

Thank you for reading and commenting. That is truly appreciated. I will get back on this topic tomorrow.

Sharing is caring and together we create a better world.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 8th Jan 2022 16:15

Interesting poem, Kevin. Humans have certainly done many bad things but I am not quite prepared to condemn the whole of our species just yet. Stimulating ideas, though.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 8th Jan 2022 15:37

Certainly, the "kill to eat" reality has justification in nature. But
there are also occasions when animals kill but leave the victims
to rot. A sort of frenzy that has no apparent cause. Maybe it's
a case of asserting primacy for its species, as Man does surely
in the hunting of big game. Now the rifle is largely supplanted
by the camera and not before time in an endangered natural
world. We should have no need now to indulge in such antics,
not least when there are so many newly challenging alternatives to fill our time and, in turn, challenge our various abilities "to overcome" them during the incessant march of progress..

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