Excerpt from 'Nice Cup of Tea'

Then to The Retro Bar, George Court off The Strand

for a final cup of tea

Sitting together in the black two-seater sofa

in the late afternoon as a welcome cool breeze

came through the open front door


It’s here I once thought I’d met the love of my life

Only to see him in Sainsbury’s with two kids and a wife

This other guy then told me he loved me, sure he was handsome and kind

And I liked what I saw in his boxers and not just in his mind

But I was in love with another. Oh where do I start … ?

He had me painting portraits of him at the Slade School of Art

I thought ‘This is it! Until death us do part’

But catching him all over another ripped shreds out my heart


Felt strange being here not chatting up some bloke

Eyeing up talent whilst out for a smoke

Bet the barman thought I was having a joke

When I asked for tea not my usual whiskey and coke

Me stone cold sober not passed out on the floor

Were those days now over and a new me in store?

The barman remarked,

‘He’s a keeper, you’ll see’

Did he have foresight? Had he read the leaves in our tea?

Yes he must have been psychic in the forces greater

As I’m now engaged to Alex my sidekick eleven years later




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