The Japanese Holocaust

You don't want me to love you

You want me to be unforgiving

You want me to say Hitler is evil 

And the Nazis and the Japanese Holocaust

You want me to blame them

You treat me with disrespect

Treat me with dishonesty, lies, hypocrisy, violence

They hurt me because they are asylum seekers

I hurt them in return

Maybe it's up to me

To learn humility





Maybe I'm evil

You tell me 

Because I'm motherfucking suppressed angry

I'm motherfucking suppressed angry

I''m motherfucking angry

◄ The love for money is the root of all good

Racism & Xenophobia ►


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Kevin Tan

Fri 7th Jan 2022 14:17

Thank you LEON STOLGARD and Moonlight.

I will keep venting and ranting!

Let's all stay happy 💖

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Fri 7th Jan 2022 11:53

A most rightful rant!


Thu 6th Jan 2022 22:56

Quite a violent show of emotional breakdown. Well expressed. Keep venting and stay happy.💖

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