A green long-leaved plant on the table

she says doesn’t need water for the next fortnight.

Does the plant bear flower?

No, she says it is supposed to be green striped like this

It has a lovely colour and is not a bother

Not like the rose plant that craves a constant attention

If you leave it alone for a week, it wizens.

The Christmas tree is white this year to give the

illusion of snow

this tree doesn’t need looking after, I say

It is better to buy a Chinese tree and save the forest

she retorts.

Surgery tomorrow, only light food and water, I feel grumpy.


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Greg Freeman

Thu 6th Jan 2022 08:57

May all go well. This is a fine, skilful poem that avoids the subject until the last line - and yet, the business of life is there all the time.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 6th Jan 2022 07:04

Good luck JOH

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