Boby Fett's adventure

Boby Fett’s adventures


I used to be a friend of Joseph when he was a bank robber

when he robbed a bank in Tbilisi, I helped him to get away

the money he said was to help his cause.

One can say he owed me a favour, which came in handy.

There was a revolution and Joseph became a president

that was ok, but he became brutal and one evening

when we sat drinking Georgian wine, we had a discussion

I called him a butcher.

I thought I was going to be shot, but since he owed me a favour

I was sent to Siberia with a bag of potatoes.

Luckily, I had a box of matches in my pocket a knife hidden

in my shoe, therefore able to survive to the last potato.

A wandering Sami people with their heard of reindeers on

the way to Scandinavia saved me.

For the Sami tribe, there is no border.

I took my old name back, Harry Finkelstein, a name I had kept

secret from Joseph, my friend from the bank robber days.

I got a job on the Manhattan project keeping tab of screws

needed to make a bomb, the rest is history.

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