the killing of a nation

The killing of a nation


Women’s right is at a crossroad, the right to education

work for a corporation sitting at the table of decision making

that is useful for business but not unsafe for people.

They are conned we all have conned into

thinking this is the future.


The highest accolade a person can win is to give birth

to new life and bring them up to be sound

and kind member of the society, only a woman can do this

but many of them have forsaken what is important in life

New life.


Every woman in Europe should have five offspring

or the civilization we live in will die out.

Instead, we vilify single mothers for giving birth

we have to pay for we should put them on a pedestal 

for bringing life into the world.


Abortion is killing the nations of Europe, but we do not

understand the implications of this

We become a minority to a culture alien for us

Women who have done their heroic duty

are vigorous enough to run a nation.







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Wed 8th Dec 2021 16:59

Mmmm....the population of the world is increasing at an alarming rate and the amount of resource it takes to sustain it will ultimately cause mankind's demise. Every woman having five children will not help.

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keith jeffries

Wed 8th Dec 2021 13:46

A poem in which a lot of truth is spoken.
Thank you

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