for a few lovers more

 For a few lovers more.


I was driving along on the car radio Rod Stewart

Sang” have I told you lately that I love you.”

Perhaps it wasn’t Rod but someone else what

Do I know about popular music?

Why do I find it hard to say those simple words?

 I have practised in front of the mirror, like an actor

who knows his line but lacks imagination

I bought her a car instead.

That made her happy, she meet her lover

come back and kiss my bald head and say, “love you.”

thinking of him.

I met her lover at a party, walked up to him

and said “I love you for making my wife happy.

He was stunned into silence.

She stays home, I think the lover broke it up

because when they made love, he was thinking of me.

the spell, of having a hidden affair was broken.


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keith jeffries

Thu 2nd Dec 2021 09:36

It is understandable that people search for love and need to be loved. A part of the human condition which affects most of us. This poem speaks to me as I have been in a similar predicament. Wisdom has taught me that love is closer to us than we think and to be grateful for what we have and the search for something more or someone else is futile and often destructive.
A poem many will relate to.
Thank you for this

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