The Box

The Box

"There's a box arrived, it's in the hall."

I shout and tell my mother.

"What would you like it to contain?"

"There is nothing that I need at all."

Thoughtfully, my mother explains.

"As none of my appetites remain,"

"Oh, come on, mum, don't give me that!"

I cajole. I whine. I plead.

There must be something, mother dear,

Something that you need!

Consider it part of our conversation.

A challenge for your imagination.

Some fabulous gift you've never had? "

(Or maybe it's just your incontinence pads!)


I transfer the question to myself,

'Alright, big shot, what about you?'

What would be your heart's desire?

What dreams are waiting to be fulfilled?

Does the box hold modern technology

Or sugary foods you shouldn't eat?

Some trendy clothes or quirky fads?

Or maybe some incontinence pads!

That really would be a super treat!


And you, dear reader, what do you require?

What will quench your inner fire?

What little trinket do you want me send

To smooth your brow at journey's end?

Would there be a cherry on top of a cake?

A sack full of memories for old time's sake? 

Baubles and jewels which a small key unlocks?

What would you want in your luxury box?

So, make me a wish all you lasses and lads,

But be more ambitious than incontinence pads! 

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John Botterill

Sat 4th Dec 2021 08:35

Thanks Stephen. You are very perceptive! ? I suppose, on the one hand, we don't really need more stuff. On the other hand, a box can stimulate the imagination ( or not! ?)
John Botterill

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 26th Nov 2021 07:44

Thanks, John. A fascinating poem because while we all like receiving things, we know that much of the stuff that we order is unnecessary. 'The Box' gives it an air of mystery and then you launch into several separate narratives. Very good to read.

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