When I was a boy, I was left-handed, but at school was forced to write right-handed

that is why I find it hard to write in Norwegian.

English suits better, this, could be they drive on the left side.

The brain works faster than my hands when we had writing tests, the teacher-after correction- read my work to the class.

You have talent, he said.

I didn´t write anything before I was fifty and battered by storms and people

who had laughed at me were safely dead?

I have a double personality, one of them is nice, gives money to the gipsies

outside the supermarket, the nasty one ignores them with contempt.

It is the same mean bastard who thinks he is an intellectual because he has read many books

that gives him a pompous air.

Many books, the weighty ones, are read at sea to stave off boredom.

The nice one is a communist.

The mean bastard tells me the safest way to democracy is capitalism.

Since I can´t make up my mind, I ignore them and live my way, as far as this is possible, without

someone is listening to my thoughts.


it was love ►


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jan oskar hansen

Mon 29th Nov 2021 13:38

so you are listening, Ursula O'Reilly

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jan oskar hansen

Sun 28th Nov 2021 10:56

yes indeed

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Ursula O'Reilly

Sat 27th Nov 2021 17:20

Very good. So you are three people? The nice one, the bastard, and the one who does it his way. Ha!?

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