war is lovely

War is Lovely


It´s a hell of a war, soldiers running between burning buildings.

It is a great war good for sex feel the strength running through veins

blood oozing out of bullet holes and onto the sand that is the other guy´s

the person called an enemy.

Was this their finest hour defending whatever they have told to defend

Wonderful war brilliantly red, and women dream of joining them

only to find they are out of place; soldiers will rather masturbate in a fox-hole.

Glorious war, something the survivors can talk about in the park playing card,

name the buddy who didn´t make it out lost in reveries and full moon.

Do they see the green leaves on trees or the flowers; is it all death and ruined buildings?

Forever etched in their crippled brains.

Oh, I´m so tired it is hurting me, endless wars and commentators explaining the murdering

of the innocent according to what the think-tank pays them.

I long for the autumnal colour in Portugal, a place to heal the abused body so distressed,

facing away from the TV, screen that drips of blood or failing that of football boots.

To walk on old cobblestones and fallen leaves and remember that we live in a beautiful world.


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Stephen Gospage

Sun 31st Oct 2021 21:30

This is superb, Jan.

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jan oskar hansen

Sun 31st Oct 2021 16:17

thank you, Greg Freeman

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 28th Oct 2021 18:33

A good, well written, thought provoking piece, Jan.

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Greg Freeman

Thu 28th Oct 2021 09:42

This is a fine poem. You write about the lure of war. But, like you, give me the glory of autumn trees any day.

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