fun at the house

The fun at a house of ill repute


I sat down with the best intention to write about flowers

love and bees, this made me think the whore house had plastic flowers

and that is apt as it is

not a place for romance, red roses and chrysanthemums.

I have had much fun at these places, not only the sex part

but also, the laughter and dancing.

The women liked a sailor and the possibility of further romance.

I know of seamen who married former prostitutes and

their marriages have normally been happy ones.

Time has changed, the women are victims of men’s sexual advances

and buying and selling of, flesh other than pork is outlawed.

Just as well, now girls in this trade are called sex workers

compared with the cleaning ladies and so forth.

Cold cash on the table, the price depending on the position

like asking the char to go out and weed the garden, well you

have to pay extra for that.


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jennifer Malden

Sat 23rd Oct 2021 17:21

Think women are still often victims of trafficking now, especially ones from Africa, lured to Europe with the promise of work as carers or cleaners, then forced onto the street to pay back the debt they have incurred to bring them over. Liked the bit about the char weeding the garden. I asked a school janitor why they didn't mow the jungle in front of the school, and he never spoke to me again! A lot of films have been made about 'sex workers', Suzie Wong, and Irma La Douce etc. etc., but think the reality is often squalid and dangerous. Nice poem anyway,

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