ethical poem

An ethical poem

A big crow and a sparrow which had painted itself

in the colour of a big bird to look masterful became friends

Both suffered from a bombastic belief they could

take on the elderly eagle and its brood.

A virtuoso war a million other birds killed who only happened

to be flying on peaceful errands.

The Sahara became rubicund from a distance looked as a carpet

for kings and potentates. 

From Eastern states, vultures came to feed and defend

to get the big crow and the preening sparrow off their territory.

The crow flew home, the sparrow took a bath to look common.

It did not help the sparrow it had done crow´s bidding

was shunned and had to fly from suburban gardens to another

and sleepless sit under a bush.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 15th Oct 2021 21:59

I love this, Jan.

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