Did you think any of this was right?

Did you realize you were in too far to change your mind?

Did you think it would be easier to just turn out the light?

Do you understand that more than a part of me died?


Do you think that someday, somehow, I will be alright?


Do you think you're the bigger person for putting off the fight?

Do you think I still don't see your face every single night?


Did you get sick of me?

Want rid of me?

Realize the dark in me?

Was it better to condemn me?

End me?

Make me out to be someone I would never be?

Trash my name and change my identity?

Make me believe I am everything she thinks of me?

Make me sick to even live in my own body?


Drag me through dirt and leave me there rotting?

Pretend it was all for the best to put me in a coffin?


I'm entertained, really, you want to hear some questions?

Do you think that I hate you?

Do you think I'm just messing?

Do you think that I'm serious?

Or is my mind just delirious 

From living the aftermath of this 

Hell that became of us?


Did you think I'd get better?

Did you know I'd get worse?

Did you realize this "blessing in disguise" was a curse?


Did you not hear my words when I said I would run?

Do you like all these questions? 

Isn't this fun?


Oh, here's a good one, 

Did you read all my words? 

All 300 pages that I wrote to you first?

Or could you not even bear?

Was it just too hard?

Because it was easy for me, right?

You were the martyr?


Do you think I feel better?

Do you think I'm okay?

Do you think I'll be better off some sunny day?

Do you even know me now

And what I've found of myself?

Do you think I'm not you?

Do you think I'm in hell?


Don't you think if this was easy and probably for the best

I'd be able to lay down at night and finally rest? 


Don't you think if this was right, I'd even pick up a pen,

Take the time to make some words and bring it all back again?


Can I ask you a question?

With all due respect and kindness,


Did you think I wasn't listening when you answered with silence?


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