old animals

Old animals


When my dog got old, she liked to sit

Beside me on the sofa when I watched Tv.

If I turned the volume up, she grumbled

it disturbed her snoozing.

She became contemplative, apparently

in deep thoughts.

Does a dog know that life is not unlimited?

Can a dog dream of the past how fun it was?

chasing rabbits in the wood.

Or does a dog only live in the now?

Some dog owners put their elderly dogs down

saying they will not see their pets suffer.

Balderdash, they do this because an old dog

is no longer playful and attractive.

Old dogs need more help to get up on the sofa

and are, sometimes,


Get a puppy, oh, so charming happy children

running in the grass. 


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 30th Jul 2021 15:24

Some interesting points here. I think dogs can anticipate death in
some way. I recall my sister's poodle - one of a number of dogs
she has owned over the decades - and how behaviour would
include unsettled movement between various human family
members , as if seeking to obtain comfort and reassurance during
the final days of her life. It was too frequent and disturbing to
pass unnoticed.

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