We hear a person speaks fluently with trained ease

which we later find is of little value.

This person is well-liked as he tells a joke and uses irony

when describing people, he does not like.

We can call him witty.

The person is a politician and knows nothing

about spirituality.

But he knows how to pander to our prejudices.



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Jul 2021 14:17

It was ever thus! The late famous British actor/comedian Peter
Sellers made a recording lampooning the lack of of any actual
meaningful content in a cleverly constructed "political speech"
It should be listened to today, to remind us of what empty emissions can emanate from a politician's mouth. Latterly, the
brilliantly written UK TV series "Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister"
performed a similarly useful and hugely entertaining function.
After all, isn't politics about commitment to being non-committal?

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