And To Thee An Hourglass

suddenly in a gap between talking, he was taken over

by a new page, turned mid flow, as he clutched his chest,

creases betraying a defeated face as a thousand thoughts

bottle-necked the wasp-waste of an end, the hourglass

about to crash to the floor, his hourglass, his time, his eyes

and through the mist and haze, he had never felt so alone,

clamminess whitewashed his pain as the seat shuddered

beneath him, his eyes overwhelmed with fear, dewing

wetter with each fading beat, my heart thy final judge,

only tomorrow would know whether he was going

to start his life sentence for murder as the courtroom

looked on before an ushered and craned departure

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Wed 28th Jul 2021 19:31

Exceptional writing, particularly the closing line , it pins down so much and the lack of resolution leaves us reeling.


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Clive Culverhouse

Tue 27th Jul 2021 18:15

True story. From my paramedic days.

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