not of a cafe material

Not of Café Material


I walked into a café, asked the man behind the counter

for a pork sandwich

Wait he, said I´m plucking a chicken.

You can pluck that chicken later after giving me what I asked.

Ok, said and grumbled about difficult old men.

You have to clean your hands, they are feathery, I came here

for a sandwich without chicken fluffs.

I ate, mainly because I was hungry, paid and left.

At the door, I said you better get a job at a chicken factory,

as it is the café business will shut by lack of consumers.

Angrily he threw several bratwursts after me I ducked

like Bush did when a shoe was thrown in his direction,

and the street dogs had a feast.


◄ heavy rain

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Leon Kamm

Sun 25th Jul 2021 19:29

Some strange cafes where you live Jan. Wouldn't happen in Costa or Pret or similar bland establishments. On balance I might prefer yours.

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