the story of young Jesus

The story of the young Jesus


Jesus was sceptical of his tribe as a trainee carpenter

he was lousy, could even make a bookshelf, he was bullied for this.

Jesus took umbrage and criticized the establishment of bootlicking priests

whom the Roman occupiers had given them power?

He took to hanging out with a group of radicals of the day

and since he was good with words soon became their leaders.

The groupies, one of the Magdalene, were for the pleasure of the flesh,

although Jesus was fond of this woman, he didn´t show it openly.

Jesus got big-headed thought he could take on the establishment

like when he chased money lenders out of the church.

He was wrong!

He was arrested mocked, and given a thorn crown, but he insisted

he was the proper leader of the people.

they crucified him, but women come to the rescue, healed his wounds

and sent him and Magdalen, the despised tart, to France.

He had seven children and ended his days as a valued goldsmith.



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