night clubs

Night clubs


Adrian Chiles wrote in the Guardian today

how much he hated nightclubs, I agreed perhaps for a different reason.

The club was – I think- in Barcelona- or perhaps someplace else

It was like descending into hell, dark with Garish light.

I have a phobia I can´t handle crowds at the best of times breaks into a sweat

and feel faint.

I paid for my beer, but complained about the price, the waiter

pointed to a price list that hangs high up on a wall, so I paid.

Outside the night air was lovely, I lit a cigarette and stood there

enjoying the freedom from this inferno.

I didn´t stay the long an elderly man accosted me thought I was

A male prostitute.

Further along the road, I came to a bar that had a cosy feel, like a pub

and plenty of newspapers in English, I was in my element.

I read the Guardian for the first time found it stimulating and left-wing,

I still read the Guardian, but no longer find it left-leaning, that can

be because I have become, as I get older, left of the spectrum.

That was before computers, and e. phones and 24-hour news.

Although I`m banned from commenting in the Guardian, I hold no grudges

there are some fine writers I like to follow.


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Greg Freeman

Thu 22nd Jul 2021 20:12

I enjoyed your reminiscences about the Guardian, Jan, my old paper. I don't know whether it's left-leaning or not these days. And of course I'm biased, having worked there for so many years. But it's the only paper I trust. Well, that and the New European. That's definitely worth a read, too.

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