Getting Home

The Cars sang "Who's Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?" suggesting that the lady in question (we assume it's a lady but who knows nowadays?) is completely dependent on someone else (a man we assume but who knows nowadays?) with his own car to get home after a night out.


So what's wrong with the bus? They run quite late, particularly at weekends. And there's always the train. Or for a door to door service, albeit a bit expensive, take a long as it's not south of the river of course!


Alternatively - and this will appeal to independent types - why not go by bicycle in the first place and you'll always have a readily available source of transport for your journey home. It's cheap and environmentally friendly, which will appeal to those who like to do things to save the planet. Don't forget your cycle clips though if you're wearing flappy trousers.


So girls (or guys) I hope this has given you the impetus to take control of your own lives and not be the little lady (or man) relying on someone else for a lift home.


I'm actually driving home myself just now. My wife will be another half hour - she's coming by bus.

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