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Looking out from the inside

I find where to begin

Keep up on the outside

And letting them sneak on in


You’ve got your business

You’ve got your pride

But it ain’t gonna help you

With what you feel inside


Curiosity makes the best go down

Curiosity is going on in the town


People tell me they walk on by

Some give me a passing glance

Some stop and look like suicide

Some wanna take a chance


They got their fortunes

They got their smiles

But you can’t compare them

To anything you feel inside


Curiosity make you die inside

Curiosity no where to hide now

Well I guess I don’t know what I said

I just can’t believe some things I’ve done

Sure hope nobody saw none of that

Because if they did I’ll have to run

Am I going crazy

Am I losing my mind

Because I just can’t control these feelings

They’re driving me wild


Curiosity killed the cat yes it did


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◄ Nothing good

Lori Looker ►


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