A verdurous bed

Lying with her in this deep grassed hollow

I, her much beloved youth

upon no more a beautiful bosom did I repose

blessed with the purity of loves flowing truth


came this Summer nights tenebrous cloaking

of all surrounding hills and vales

I prayed Moon and Stars  to prolong their stay

O! how sweetest peace prevailed!


Forget did we all unworthy dominances

other malices, worldly troubling gloom

for we were in a more beautiful place

where any sorrow could not our togetherness entomb


Long did serenity remain until

all those well remembered ecstatic hours had gone

when the Suns new touch did awake

two souls and hearts now merged wondrously as one. 

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Wed 30th Jun 2021 12:24

Thank you, Stephen, Holden, and Pete.


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