The absence


He was trapped on a carousel

that went around and around, never stopping.

For him, every day was a new day

he had lost the ability to remember yesterday.

A woman, who said she was his wife

gave him coffee and breakfast and which made him happy.

Every day he watched the same movie and it was for him

a new movie he must have seen hundreds of times.

There was a family meeting, his wife was so old and tired

he had to go to another home, this distressed him greatly.

In the afternoon he sat in a room with many elderly people

watching a movie, his brain told him he had never seen.

In a clear moment, a light was switched on, it dawned on him

this was not his home.

He cried then, before sinking back to his absence

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 21st Jun 2021 17:13

A extraordinary, moving poem, Jan.

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Hazel ettridge

Mon 21st Jun 2021 10:59

..... and everyone is jolly and loud, as if this was the longed for happy ever after instead of a dismal waiting room.

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Martin Elder

Mon 21st Jun 2021 10:25

beautifully put Jan. It is sad but I am afraid all too real.
Thanks for posting

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