When the years and I were younger

and I laughed in the face of age

believing my youthful days would last forever

I could keep time imprisoned in a doorless cage


But then, they gathered about me

the stooped, the frail, the grey

voicing of their liives futile journeys

having travelled this well worn and oft torturous way


we were once as you are now they muttered

full of fiery intent in disallowing our years to ever change

thinking ourselves to be the designated

able to roam immortalities endless range


O! how empty were my opinions of their failures

their words of incapability one and all

yet unaware that my ignorant assumptions of incarcerating time

like Jericho's trumpeted walls would fall


Though finding sooner than I had expected that I was wrong

a comforting consolation have I lent

that no matter how dwindled the currency of my life becomes

I will never let the dreams of my youth be spent


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Sun 20th Jun 2021 20:04

Holden and Leon ( great name! 😉 )

very much and thankfully so, do I like your likes.


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