Mismatch reparations

Sometimes and innocently so

you are the same brick wall I am talking to


there is no door in it that could just allow me to get through to you


but you didn't purposely build that wall

or intentionally leave out that neccessary door


because your unfortunante upbringing had failed

to provide you with the tools of spiritual or educational understanding


so day by day

it is those very tools that I am working hard

to make for you


from the forge of MY fortunate upbringing

from the well stocked foundry of my patience

from the lathe of my imherited understanding

but most of all


from the endless Universe of  my love 

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Fri 18th Jun 2021 11:14

Thanks so much Stephen A. and Stephen G,

In a situation the poem refers to gentlemen,
I think that love is the main reparative tool


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