Final call

Let your heart decide

What's best for you

For the brain is 

More manipulating

Logically accessing

The pros and cons 

Of situations and events

In future how they may occur


What's meant to be

Actually does

For it's a divine will

And has to be it

In the time destined

All events happen slowly

Falling in it's right place

One by one


Satan and his army

Tries to mess up divine will

It has a human force

Aligned still

They try delaying 

And even cancelling 

But generally they fail at it



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Sat 12th Jun 2021 06:04

Thank you Michelle💐

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Michelle Cote

Fri 11th Jun 2021 13:44

we usually follow our hearts in spite of what logic may say... sometimes it works out, sometimes not but is always worth the gamble. nice work, thank you for posting

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