Remembering Windrush

The benevolent sea's new high tide

kindly, aided and abetted

arrivals of our Caribbean brothers and sisters


# coming for to carry them home # 


My Jamaican friend old Benjamin recalls

how along that bow to stern length of quayside

now overlooked by luxury apartment blocks

was in his time of arriving here

crowded with ever so grateful and warmly welcoming

well wishing flag wavers

cheering as the gangplank of the ship he was on

first touched down on Britains Commonwealth accomodating shore


such a rememberance for them all!

the cultural exchanges to be awaiting

in this predominately white peopled land


where every hospital

every medical practice

every public type of transport

every public toilets and road cleaning vacancies

would be filled by these most willing of workers


delivered here to have their promises

of a better life fulfilled



but now

how those sweet welcomngs have soured

the promises disappated


it is only governmemt turncoats

those unfairest of fair weather friends

that wanted to have crowded that same quayside

and wave


but for very different

backstabbing reasons.


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Mon 14th Jun 2021 16:39

John and Stephen, thanks guys.

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