In my dream I am

aboard a Clipper Ship,

apart from passengers

and a modest crew, we

carry out the usual set

down routines. As we

enter the area deemed


the Barbary Coast, we

spot a vessel astern of us

travelling at a snail's pace.

Suddenly we note that it is

speeding to catch us up.

I hear the Bosun's pipe and

and an officer yelling, 'Stand


by to repel boarders'. We have

an adrenaline rush, believing

many of us will die, or held to

ransom with our damsels sorely

mercilessly violated. Our surgeon

orders, Heat the tar. Should

damaged limbs be amputated.




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Sun 2nd May 2021 21:04

Thank you MC, Jennifer, and John F Keene, for the Like and/or commenting.

How brutal our history eh - with the ongoing internment by Iran of a British wife as a hostage pawn for ransom payments.

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 2nd May 2021 18:57

If I remember correctly, hot tar was used as a cauterizing agent for
such wounds...otherwise described as "surgical searing". The
eyes water just thinking about it!!

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jennifer Malden

Sun 2nd May 2021 18:13

Heat the tar, Ugh, is a new one to me. Suppose it was better than nothing though. Very evocative.


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Sun 2nd May 2021 17:10

Thanks MC for the commenting and Like. 👍

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 2nd May 2021 16:01

Action stations indeed! A colourful reminder of the nautical slavers
that threatened mercantile traffic and coastal areas - and saw the USA dispatch its navy to act against their activities.

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