I think there is a tribe of small

guys somewhere in Africa like

this title name, but since we are

talking origins, what do our genes

reveal to us after genetic blood


tests offered, when we go on line?

Well mine showed Irishness amid

a minor multi-mix, although I always

considered myself to be an Anglo

Brit, and very proud of it, too I might


say, remembering my much earlier

youth in Merseyside albeit, now an

established Southerner. When my

tests finally came through my genes

showed an eclectic mix, being apart


from a Mick, on Mother's side, I had

3 per cent of Asian, flowing in my

otherwise Anglo/Irish veins. Now I

thought that was strange and later

toured the Emerald Isle in my Camper


van of the time, that was an experience

I wouldn't ever wish to rearrange, and

saw a neighbour Nation with pleasant

surprise, wondering about the pallett

of unanswered, multi-various origins 




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Fri 16th Apr 2021 18:41

Keith, the closest I get to ice these days if I can help it, is by plopping as cube of it into a glass of orange squash, supposing the outside temperature requires it. P

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Fri 16th Apr 2021 18:33

Some very interesting responses here.

Thanks muchly MCN and Keith for widening the scenario, and to Emer Ni Chorra, for the Like..

Blood grouping is a fascinating topic. Forensic Scientist Margaret Pereira did some very compelling work on it for the purposes of prosecuting culprits 'dabs'/blood trails etc, left at scenes.of crime.

P. 👍

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 16th Apr 2021 14:27

I think the basis of the UK population originated from the mix of
old tribes back in the day with the arrival of the various invaders,
perhaps predominantly the Normans from William The Conqueror's time. During the thousand years since there have been minor
incursions and inclusions but not of any particular size or influence.
The world has long understood - and used the terms English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish to define our island race in the individual
nation sense and "British" in the collective sense.

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keith jeffries

Fri 16th Apr 2021 11:30

My DNA results were truly astonishing as I am part eskimo, serbo croat, a smear of Togoland and a touch of Solihull in Warwickshire. I now have a new project to construct a Geordie igloo for eitreans. Would you like to help?

Loved the poem Philipos. Forgive my ribald humour

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