Memory Lane

Boots on the floor, they scoot to the beat 

Vibrating hats on heads, they are tipped to greet 

Girls at the bar who are shooting their shot

of vodka or rum or tequila burn hot 

Filled to the brim, one in each hand 

They thrown em’ back and chase with a kiss from a man with the band

The drummer chose the blonde cuz they both had the most fun 

The guitar picked brunette to two step and be spun

Leaving the lead to take the red head to their van for a cruise 

To find a back road where the kissing continued 

A great night was had by all yet no pictures to remind 

Just their drink of choice to bring back the night left behind

◄ Seashell


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Rebel Elaine

Wed 14th Apr 2021 23:52

Lol those incidents are overrated anyway! Drunken Haze and Hangover Days....

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John Coopey

Wed 14th Apr 2021 15:23

This never happened to me at Grab-a-Granny Night. These days, mind, all the grannies are younger than me.

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