Life's winding paths at times

taking us on a circuitous route.

Yesterday I visited a haunt, a

Jacobean site, grand place


it used to be as Bramshill house.

Now unoccupied and with a

future quite obscured there are

perhaps a ghost or two enshrined


in memory and legends like the

Mistletoe Bough wherein a bride

had entered and was doomed to

die. No ghosts are heard to wail


although perhaps an treetop owl

might peer across the spooky site

and render haunting sentences as

dampness creeps inside the stones





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Thu 8th Apr 2021 17:19

Thank you John Coopey, Stephen Gospage, Aviva and Holden for the Likes. Appreciated.


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Thu 8th Apr 2021 12:43

MC, it certainly represents a sad presence of its former glory when, in my time there, it literally buzzed with excitement, about which books could be written of them.

Being privileged to get fast tracked as you describe it, I was able to put something back by afterwards returning to Bramshill and giving various talks on my specialisation into the Investigation of certain categories of complex crime.

It was sad to see it mothballed and behind padlocked gates and in answer to your question, Yes.

The venue has now become the victim of a thousand government cuts. But it was interesting to see view the building again albeit from the outside, and even when by doing so it brought a lump to my throat.

Walkabout locals seemed interested to hear that I had been a minute part of that former glory, about which many tales could be shared but as discretion requires, kept under the wraps of confidentially.

I suppose you could liken some of them to that piece of music about the Kerry dancing.

So thank you for commenting and for the Like, and also to John Coopey, Aviva, Stephen Gospage, and Holden, for the like as well.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 8th Apr 2021 12:05

Bramshill in my own time was a centre for police officer training
provided for those selected for fast track promotion via residential
courses available to forces across the country. Was it a victim of
government savings in the recent era of a thousand cuts? 😐

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Wed 7th Apr 2021 12:47

At Jacobean party times, guests took turns to play hide and seek in this sprawling building. A newly wed bride hid in the loft area by getting inside a large wooden chest which supposedly slammed shut on her and sealed her ultimate fate.

The caption on a well known depiction of the event reads, 'I'm weary of dancing now she cried, here, tarry a moment I'll hide, I'll hide.

I happened to see a framed print of the event looking dolefully at me inside a second hand shop at Belmont in Surrey, and which I later purchased and personally presented to what was a government staff college.

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