The Bugler blew until he

was blue in the face, some

jackanapes had placed a

sweaty sock down the inside of

it for a laugh. The din of it all

reverberated round the Mall

and that was the long and the

short of it – until Gloria from

the Sally Anns, joined in with

her tambourine, thinking she


was queen of the town, such a

brown nosed girl she was as

both he and she stepped off

together. Braving inclemency

they headed to a nice warm

patch for a fag and a scratch

and goodness knows what ever

other porkies they could conjure.

They told local hard up spongers

to go and take long running jumps





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Sun 4th Apr 2021 23:49

Thank you Stephen, Kieth and Holden for the Likes.

Lockdown levity I calls it.


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Stephen Gospage

Sun 4th Apr 2021 16:52

This is very good! I promise it wasn't my sock.

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