A night in hell

A night in hell


Awaken in the middle of the night

To Satan tapping on my door

I can see his haunting shadows

On my bedroom floor

As he nears closer

I can feel the heat

He brings with him deceit 

Only here to drag me through

The depths of hell

Casting upon me a poisonous spell

Fighting for my life

Just to be defeated

Yelling out

Why is this being repeated?

I’m falling I’m falling

Unbearable heat burns my skin

My back on the floor 


I hear the sounds of screaming

Souls suffering 

There is no morning 

There is no night

I plunge deeper

Into his fire

My skin burns off

I move my legs fast

Trying to run off

The serpent wraps

His tight grip around me

My vision lost

Can no longer see

I want to scream

But I loose more life inside of me

The light fades away

My last breath leaves my body 

As I plunge deeper 

Body flushed 

With fever

Lost souls

Surrounding me

Unbearable screams 

Only to get louder 

Seconds turning into minutes 

Minutes turning into hours

A feeling of eternity 

Only to loose all sanity

Light faded away

Darkness covered this Hell

I’ve been thrown in

Overflowing with sin

Bathing in a blood bath

With all the lost souls

Satan ruling

In complete control

My Skin flaming red

100,000 + Bloodshed

Never to be saved no more

Forever a prisoner 

To war

Banging banging banging 

At the door 

It won’t stop

Sounds turning into roars

The laughs of satan echoing everywhere 

I’m Levitating in the air

My soul Floating around in warfare

Hell my biggest nightmare 

It’s so. I have arrived

Smell of vile and feces 

Every inch covered with disease 

Backs ache

And all souls 

hearts break

This place is filled with fear

Thickening in the atmosphere 

Full of fire and smoke

Only to hold onto your throat

As you choke

He knows what he did to me

My bleeding out

Is what sets him free

He smiles for all the pain I gave

And promises to haunt my grave

So many souls

He used knives to stab there hearts

And an ax to cut it up into parts

I’m scared

I want nothing more than to run and hide

But I can’t 

He’s stuck right by my side

My life now nothing

But broken glass

Air is toxin

Love is now 

A gas mask

Alone and lost in my mind

All traces of heaven 

Left behind

Suddenly the sound of my alarm goes off

I stretch my body and let out a big cough

I look to my window

I see day light

I question myself 

Was I only dreaming 

I throw myself off my bed

Get on my knees

Fold my hands

Cry out to the Lord

Thank you

For it was only a dream


I scream 



























































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Jesus was there all along ►


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Nazia Khan

Mon 29th Mar 2021 12:34

It's like I am experiencing hell it's wonderful

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Mon 29th Mar 2021 12:19

Scary, but a hell of a good read. We were there with you,

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keith jeffries

Mon 29th Mar 2021 09:21

I have never read such an emotive description of hell. As I read each line I too was plunged into this abyss of misery and suffering. A poem with powerful language. A good poem.
Thank you for this


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