food banks



 Food-banks used to be a rarity, a place where the desperate went to get food.

It is no longer so; politicians have discovered the benefit of alimentary outlets,

 and so, have businesses they can continue to underpay people,

who even in work can´t make enough money to put bread on the table?

In Roman time the cry was to give people bread and circus, and they

will not revolt,

in our time, the cry is bread and TV. To stop people going on strike.

What sort of food do these banks offer?

I suspect it is sweet corn-flakes and? Beans in nauseous tomato sauce,

tinned stuff full of fat and sugar, fresh food is a memory.

It saddens me so few people can cook, fresh vegetable bought at the market,

a cheap cut of meat and you can make a healthy broth that last days.

To cook is not rocket science. Try it, and you will be amazed and delighted.


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