the ghost and a child

The ghost and a Child


I have a recurring dream I hadn´t been to my house for a long time, remember I had been happy

there with my little dog,

we used to walk in the woods, and when I was driving around in my motorbike, she was glad to see me returning.

I took a bus up, the driver didn´t ask me for money and being rather frugal. I was glad.

Outside the house, a little girl was playing, asked her If she liked living here?

Yes, she said, and I have a dog, she said.

The dog came. It was my dog; it didn´t recognize me growled when I called the dog`s name.

Inside the house, a couple were arguing, she said, I hate this house. It gives me the creeps

She sat down where I sat, wriggled a bit (which I liked)

she got up, stroked the seat (which I enjoyed too) but, she was bothered and sat on another chair.

They didn´t see me, I thought they must be blind.

Outside, I asked the little girl if her parents were blind. No, she said, but they can´t see you because

you are a ghost only a child like me can see.



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