Converse Portrait

Converse Portrait GLA 15/03/2021

Look into a mirror- not screen- you’ve seen a soul, a mind defined face to face, fallen from grace, too late to change a course once free.

Alone you stand to find, confined inside your cage: regret and sorrow follow, thundering within your heart. Your inner space defies you to find who you think you really are.

Can all be lost in one line, is this piece of misshapen phrase undermined by wasted time. While waves of muted thunder cascade around the nothingness, where the souls who’s future emptiness are destined only free to drown.

All is balanced by one word: “bye”, between sweet birds singing in soft melodic rhyme, or, the executioner’s hand to sever the head of our madman’s innocent crime.

At last to find a love entwined with kindness, lined with blue and mauve veined petals, flowering with new hope, wandering the path: glass- polished green and seem less, with future unseen, the gift of love given life, in peaceful tranquillity.

Silence beyond words, endowed with grateful compassion abounds around to satisfy. I rest my case at your command: to lie in waste, locked in some forsaken place or walk the earth an innocent man.

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Martin Elder

Tue 16th Mar 2021 14:47

These read and sound like the words to a beautiful song

Love it

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