The Endless shore

The Endless shore                   GLA           16/03/2021


Four arrived in the morning, the dawn was breathing fog.                                                                                         The mist was slowly lifting, blue and green washed the sky.                                                            Watercolour washes of angelic painterly scenes,                                                                                                     the merging inspiration, a collage of thoughtful themes.                                    

Floating, to the mauve earth, silently, effortlessly, without trace                                                                                                                                                   .                                                                                                 Consuming, self deluding, thoughts upon the shore,                                                                             where dreams forgot to find their way through the opened door.                

As time itself was warped by time and space combined, an empty space where face to face                                                                    the mirror reflected time.

    Reflection mirrored an aging fact that age to them was hid,                                                                                        upon the chapel hill they came to nail the casket lid.

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