Syria, my lovely

Syria, my lovely


 Asma al-Assad, the wife of the president in Syria

  her crime is to be married to Bashir al- Assad.

 Since the president of Syria is sitting pretty, they had to find a softer target hence his wife.

Hadn´t she defended the Syrian army, said they were brave

they must be after ten years of war?

Remove her British citizenship, and we shiver by the thought.

There was an insurrection, and it was crushed.

It could have stopped there if the west had not meddled and

American bombs terrorized the civilian population.

This endless war many Syrians fled, who can blame them?

NATO, too, got involved, this dangerous beast full of generals looking for a fight.

any action, as long it has a pre-fix, “democracy.”

Assad´s chemical attack on the civilian population, surely a war crime.

A Canadian reporter said it didn´t happen, it staged by the white helmets, and no one was reported dead.

The lady reporter had upset the narrative, was sent home in disgrace and now covers handball matches in Seven Rivers.

I Denmark they are sending the Syrians back they say it is safe, they will be safe if the west will stop interfering


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jan oskar hansen

Wed 17th Mar 2021 11:32

M. C. Newberry

no, we can say Russia saved Syria from becoming another failed state

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 16th Mar 2021 11:25

Not to mention the Russians, of course! 😏

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