Trains to die for.

I llooked through the window and saw

a man moving his lips and hands in a wild way

it seemed strange to me

why would one be so vocal at this point

you are going somewhere

just wait on your turn like everybody else

Stations will pass, each on their own time

you all are on a fixed line

Heading the same way, everyday repeats it self

Like history in a sense

what if there were no trains or stations then

We all have seen what happened not so long ago

People were displaced, shipped to an early date with their maker

No more safe spaces for them

Hunted to the bitter end, prosecuted without a shred of evidence

We have an obligation to help anyone

regardless what will happen to us, they can take our lives

but not our immortal soul, this is how it suppose to go in a dreamstate

regardless which nation you call home.


I see myself in the reflection of that window

Desperation takes a hold of me

Those empty eyes could wear stripes

If it was me, on the other side

What would you do at that precise moment.






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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Mon 8th Mar 2021 21:18

This is subtle and compelling, seemingly a holocaust memorial poem, but it also speaks of modern refugee situations either en-masse or individual when taken in a more metaphorical perspective.

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