new ideology

New ideology

 In some universities in the USA, white people have

to confess their privileges of being white before they are accepted

by other students infused by the confusing ideology of BLM.

This kind of doctrine is “Stalinism” either you are with us

or you are the enemy, cast out in the cold we will not listen to you.

This ideology is spreading like a poisonous fog, not only on campuses

but also, to the workplace of many, stating if you have opinions

other than the prevailing one, you will lose your job, home

and home.

The idea that whites are a privileged class is an illusion

most white is low; just look around they are in the street

outside trying to get a job, to keep their families save

from the evil squall of capitalism and many low white

 loses hold of reality and succumb to drugs.

But they have not the stigma of having been a slave

and this is the crux of the matter, the open sore that will

not give way and heal; in many instances used as a weapon

like the Holocaust to impose their will on us who by accident

of birth are born white-skinned.

Both BLM and the Me-too movement are useful, less so

when they become dogmatic and lose the foundation of

freedom and democracy and become dictatorial.


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M.C. Newberry

Sun 7th Mar 2021 15:53

It is worth considering the aim of those who advocate "diversity"
yet use it to promote division through words and behaviour. The humbug is palpable! 😒

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keith jeffries

Sun 7th Mar 2021 10:26

Many of these movements are designed to enhance the victim concept by making the rest of society feel guilty for something we are not remotely responsible for. It is a pity that the energy used by these people cannot be channeled to helping black children in Africa who die in their thousands from the lack of clean drinking water instead of damaging our national monuments.


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