Along the avenue

                      Along    The    Avenue           GLA             2021-03-04


            Can you see the picture in full view, to get from A to B from chapter two.                                                     Watch the signs ahead, don’t get led into the blue, or give up, keep on going when you do.

      Regret and sorrow follow you, revisiting old memories, to suffer once again the prison inside.                                          Thundering within your heart you cover up your head and hide.

                     Why your mind is crying, when beauty abounds around to satisfy.                                                                Your inner space defies you to find who you think you really are.                                                                    The way you find your grace is where your place is in the local bar.

                                    Around the corner you may find a friend.                                                                                              Along a path that winds to a place with no amends.                                                                                   Look again, the space blossoms forth in purple haze.                                                                              .   Alone you stand to find you’re confined inside your cage.


                                    Along the avenue is where the truth is in full view.                                                                                              If you look closer you can see it too.


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