the slaughter

The slaughter


 850 cows stuck on a ship for months could be made into a joke

but it is hellish damnation of how low we have sunk

in our utter callousness towards animals.

A veterinarian says they must be put down the animals

have suffered enough.

A massacre of the innocent.

Once the shipping was an honourable trade, the ships

had an owner; we seamen knew they were individuals.

Now shipping has become a soulless corporation

run by the incompetent whose only goal is profit.

They say the world is better now than before, I disagree

we are going back into the dark ages

when the life of animals had no consequences.

When we behave with cruelty to animals, it is contagious 

we lose respect for all life and let cynicism rule.


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Stephen Gospage

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 17:10

An important piece, Jan. This needs to be said as often as possible.

A Girl

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 09:37

This world can be a dark dark place. Things people do for money...

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