Damaging Existence

“It’s just like the flu,” the ignorant spewed. 

“Kids can’t even get it,” they yelled angrily and stewed. 

“The government infected us. It’s all a big hoax.” 

“Not THAT many people died” emotionally provokes. 

Refusal to wear masks, excusing government conform. 

Claiming you have rights and then coughing at reform. 

“The vaccination is a microchip and their numbers are a lie.”

“Biden wants to shut the country down again and I don’t understand why.” 

“I won’t get the shot, it’s gonna change my DNA.” 

Yet, you’ll harm your lungs and liver with Mary Jane and IPA.  

As someone who has had covid and it almost took my life, 

I think your comments are insensitive and causing unnecessary strife. 

We are all humans and deserve to make choices about our health. 

We want to be happy and not worry if we can cover it with wealth. 

The masks protect everyone, it is courteous to all. 

Your refusal is preposterous and a very selfish call. 

I don’t wish this virus on your family, your kids, your wife, or you.

Please get the vaccine, so there is some sense of normal we can renew.

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Rebel Elaine

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 17:38

Totally agree! It’s not going away so may as well be proactive about it!

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 2nd Mar 2021 17:13

Well said. Someone tried to share a ludicrous video full of Covid misinformation with me recently and I spent a lot of time trying to debunk it. We all need to keep focusing on the science and the truth.

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