One wish too far

                One wish too far       GLA         2021-03-01


In the cold light of day, things really change, from the way you felt the last night, It was strange. Now, all was said, were feelings bled upon the kitchen floor, now you think that you can’t even take it anymore, It could be that this was the one wish too far.

One change could be the last one that you make, If you make it you put everything at stake. Now, If all is said and done, it may be wrong - to start afresh and find everything undone, It would be that this was the one wish too far.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, this has made me sure that I’m aware of what I think. The grass Is always greener on the side you really need, don’t throw It all away for a day of selfish greed. It's as If you have one wish too far.

There are many ways to do things that are right, so don’t leave the scene alone, put up a fight. The love you share can bear a little pain, It shows that your love was never in vain, otherwise It had to be one wish too far.

You can count the days you have left now in years, or count the ways in ups and downs, in laughter and in tears. Whichever way you look at it, you’re lucky with your lot, pull yourself together and get on with what you’ve got, because this wish is the one wish too far.

It may not be the way that It seems, If you risk it all on someone else’s dreams. Just watch the light fade, and lie back in your chair, as the silent darkness falls, when you no longer are aware, that your one wish was the one wish too far.

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