Aung San Sui Kyi, the anointed peace prize winner

sits in house arrest again, only now the western press

do not mention her in lyrical terms anymore.

They had put the daughter of a general on a pedestal

but when she didn´t follow their dreamy agenda

she fell out of favour.

She is a politician, a leader of a party, and had given

the Myanmar people a taste of freedom that didn´t

include the Rohingya desperate plight.

Instead, she advised many of them were terrorists

and the West´s wrote her off as she didn’t measure up

to the narrative they had written for her.

Why the army made a coup is unclear. had there been

election fraud? I think the army feared losing power.



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Kevin T.S. Tan

Sun 28th Feb 2021 19:19

same thing with Barack Obama and the whole online privacy disaster with Edward Snowden. The Nobel Peace Prize has lost a lot of its credibility in my opinion.

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